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Handcuff Training

There is a lot of confusion regarding whether handcuffing by a security operative is legal. Handcuffing falls under the heading of Use of Force. Legislation states Any Person may use such Force as is Reasonable in the Circumstances to Prevent Crime or carryout or assist in a lawful arrest…

Handcuffs are a temporary restraining mechanism, they come in many designs such as Rigid, Hinged and Chain Link. Of those, only the Rigid Handcuff could possibly  be deemed an offensive weapon as it has been Made (manufactured) for pain and compliance. Thus, Bennett Associates only train in the use of the Hinged Handcuff. As these are not deemed to be an offensive weapon (unless you intentionally hit someone over the head with them).

By applying handcuffs in the correct circumstances, for instance it is Necessary and it is Proportionate then it may be a Reasonable Use of Force when compared to other options.

Through the appropriate application of handcuffs on a person, the level of force which has to be used against that person to control him/her is decreased, thus the level of force he/she is capable of is decreased. Thus reducing the chances of injury to you, your colleagues, bystanders and also the handcuffed person. Furthermore, it could be said that you have used the least injurious option to control the person, thus protecting everyone involved.

Level 2 Handcuffing

Handcuff training is only available by Bennett Associates to Security Operatives who hold either a current valid SIA Licence in Close Protection or Door Supervision. Your licence MUST be produced to the trainer & a photocopy will be made before commencement on the course is allowed. The SIA Data Base WILL be checked to ensure that the Licence produced is valid and current.